Welcome to my website! I am a lifelong resident of Springfield, Ohio, and, as you will see, once you look around, I am somewhat knowledgeable on her history.

     I thoroughly enjoy writing my novels, both literary fiction and cozy mysteries. I hold character creation in high esteem. If I’m going to rise early every day to write, why would I spend time with unremarkable, flat characters? Simply said, I would not. So you can expect characters who are bold and round and true.


     Designs on Ivy's Locket, Wrenn Grayson's second mystery, is ready for preorder. Follow this link to my publisher's website. Black Rose Writing offers a 10% discount off the SALE! price. Promo code is PREORDER2017. Expect shipment on or around the release date, November 9.

     I also enjoy my partnership with my publisher Black Rose Writing, as well as bestselling status on Amazon.
     My books are available for easy purchase. From here, you can send me a message and take a look at maps of Havens, Ohio, the town I created for my Wrenn Grayson Mysteries series.
     Thanks for stopping by!