Wild Raspberries​

​​​​Author Reviews 

       A heartwarming debut novel.

       By Carrie Bebris, author of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy mysteries

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       A story of the journey – both literal and figurative – of four women.  While each one harbors her own heartaches and diverse secrets, they nevertheless unite in pursuit of a resolution to their mutual, though conflict-ridden, crisis.  Laced with humor, unique characters, and intense emotion, Wild Raspberries is a powerful testament to the passage through grief and beyond.  Reflecting a deeply human experience, it is a story that readers will carry with them after the last page has been turned.
       By Deborah A. Allen, author of The Swinging Door

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       Connie Chappell has created a novel both subtle and daring in Wild Raspberries. Callie MacCallum is a reluctant protagonist who must step into the battle between her lover's wife and daughter-in-law. The tension and grief in the novel are so poignant that you'll want to keep reading well into the night to learn what happens to these women.
       By Jeffrey Marks, author of The Ambush of My NameThe Scent of Murder, and other mysteries

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       So imagine that your lover of twenty-plus years has died, a lover who was married to someone else the entire time he was with you.  Imagine that you helped him through his final months when he finally lived with you.
       And now imagine, a year after his death, that you are going away for a week to the love-cabin he left you, and accompanying you are your grief counselor, his daughter-in-law…and his wife.
       All of these unthinkables and more come together in Wild Raspberries. The novel is a study of conflicting relationships and pulled heartstrings, held together with breathtaking revelations and a solid sense of humor. Ultimately, it’s a testament to the transcendent power of love.

       Pick up the book. Don’t plan on putting it down.
       By Kathie Giorgio, author of The Home For Wayward ClocksEnlarged HeartsLearning To Tell (A Life)Time, and Rise From The River.