Springfield, Ohio's Old City Hall

      Accessed from the back entrance of Springfield’s 1890 modern government building were the stables. Municipal employees of the day requiring transportation used horses and carriages. Even today, a tour of the building’s basement would provide a look at the area used to stable horses.
      Government operations were transferred to Springfield’s current City Hall in 1979.
      The Heritage Center of Clark County, Ohio, and its multi-million-dollar collection of Springfield and Clark County history occupies the building today.

      Charles A. Cregar designed Springfield, Ohio’s former City Hall. This makes the building especially important to local historians because Mr. Cregar was a graduate of Springfield High School. During the late 1800s, he designed many of the better buildings in Springfield. This building, a full block long, was considered the center of downtown activity because it allowed government (city offices), business (the market), and the arts (the opera house) to exist under one roof.
      Designs on Ivy’s Locket touches on another turn-of-the-century element necessary to carrying out the activities of government.