On March 28, 2016, Readers' Favorite published one of five reviews for Wild Raspberries.  The novel received five stars.

        "Wild Raspberries is a detailed story with many interesting characters who have different wants and needs. Chappell wove the story so nicely it almost felt like she was sewing a quilt together to create a complete and unique story for us to love. She did an excellent job of making the characters distinct and keeping their individual stories fresh. It was a very nice piece of women's fiction that many readers will enjoy." Reviewed by Renee Taylor.

        On September 3, 2016, Readers' Favorite announced Wild Raspberries as a Book Award Winner for the genre, Women's Fiction.

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       On February 12, 2016, Enas Reviews published these words about Wild Raspberries. The novel received five stars.
       Wild Raspberries is simply a beautiful and a spellbinding tale with mesmerizing narration, taking its readers into the life of grieving Callie MacCallum, who has woven the threads of her untold pain, loss, and love into a quilt made by the patchwork of her departed lover's clothes. This remembrance
pulls Callie into unfolding bitter secrets of relation and emotions with Jack’s family, life, and loss.
       It is definitely hard to believe that Wild Raspberries is the debut novel of author Connie Chappell as she possesses the natural talent of captivating her readers with mastery over language and its nuances, creating characters of substance close to reality, tickling the emotional nerves of her readers, and painting the picture of life and its realities.
       Wild Raspberries is one of the most engaging and entertaining family dramas which I am sure one can hold close to their heart for its sheer beauty and power. It would be impossible to write in a few words about this larger-than-life novel. It would be highly recommended to feel rather than read this amazing family drama!

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     ​​On August 12, 2015, Foreword Reviews published its review of Wild Raspberries. "Despite Callie's awkward position as an outsider and Jack's lover, her willingness to help the Sebring women may be the book's most lasting impression--healing can come from the most unexpected sources." Reviewed by Kathy Rigby.
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review. The novel received four stars.

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       On July 19, 2015, The US Review of Books published its review of Wild Raspberries and deemed Wild Raspberries "recommended" reading. 
       "Chappell does a fine job of sprinkling enough wit, pathos, and surprise in her story to make this novel far more than a knockoff." Reviewed by Joe Kilgore.
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review. The novel received four stars.

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​       Chappell’s novel, Wild Raspberries, thrusts the reader headlong into a personal drama. Protagonist Callie MacCallum has a secret love affair with Jack Sebring for twenty-two years. Although Jack passed away eighteen months ago, his wife Arnett has a deep-seated hatred for Callie.
        The reader is introduced to all the players, and the process begins, of discovery,
finger-pointing, threats, accusations, and believe it or not, humor.

       Chappell allows the story to play itself out in a very creative way. Her command of figurative language is very impressive. It keeps the reader interested and amused. Her use of metaphors creates clarity of meaning for certain moods or actions. Here are a few examples:

       “…her appearance was rather doughy compared to Callie’s streamlined build.”

       “His mind was set, crisp with determination.”

       “She jerked her head toward the side window, adding fact to claim.”

       “Lizbeth wrinkled her nose at Arnett, as if an odor was set adrift from her direction.”

       “Callie and Lizbeth fell into an uncomfortable silence. Remnants of their last caucus rode in the space between them.”

       Wild Raspberries is a delightful trek. Congrats to you, Connie! Well done!

       ​Review by Randall W. Ark, contributing writer for Springfield, Ohio, newspapers.

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