Richelle Finnie provided this NetGalley review on May 15, 2017. 

         What I enjoyed most about Proper Goodbye  was the realism.  The characters and plot were realistic and I found myself sensing the emotions as I traveled through the pages.  I quickly became drawn to Beebe's character. She wanted to fix her father, but had things to fix within herself too. The writing of this novel portrayed all this in such a way that it was real and more than a plot line.
         Beebe's father, Cliff, was a brilliant piece of artistry in Connie Chappell's writing.  Every emotion he had seemed raw.  Although he hid behind the past, trapped in the past, he was angry, yet gentle all at the same time.  He seemed to deal with the loss of his wife, and the past, as any man would.  
         There were twists that kept me turning the pages, even at times becoming tempted to skip to the end to find where the story was leading me.
          I like Connie Chappell's writing.  She writes with realism and innocence, both of which draw me to her novels and the characters within.

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         Enas Reviews published its review on March 5, 2017. The review was titled, "An Absorbing Standalone Novel."

         Mingled with wit and wisdom, Proper Goodbye is a poignant yet brilliantly narrated tale of Beebe Walker and her family. Working as a grief counselor at a local funeral home, Beebe Walker decides to stand strong and come to terms with painful, deteriorated relationships of the past. Abandoned by her mother, Abigail Walker, decades ago without a word of explanation, Beebe is left with a strained relationship with her father until she learns about a secret revealed by her ex-fiancé, Vincent Bostick—the burial of Terri Miller in her father’s cemetery.
         Entertaining yet heart-wrenching, author Connie Chappell’s novel is a gripping tale that unfolds at a reasonable pace with characters that felt real and showed complex ideas as they tried to overcome adversity. Chappell was very impressive with her evocative prose and imagery as she manages to evoke emotional attachment for each of her characters that is bound to captivate readers till the very end. The intersection of characters’ stories dominates this wise and sad story, showing how people are shaped by their losses. Proper Goodbye is an absorbing standalone installment after Wild Raspberries and worthy of recommendation.

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         On January 29, 2017, Readers' Favorites released Cheryl E. Rodriguez's review of Proper Goodbye. The novel received five stars.
         Proper Goodbye by Connie Chappell is a compelling story of lost and found. “Every heart is asked at some point to leave something or someone behind while it yearns and aches for a different outcome.”  
         Connie Chappell is a gifted storyteller. She writes with her heart and soul. Proper Goodbye is a story about grief. Grief is different for everyone, it is an individual journey. The writing style is descriptive, full of symbolism and parallelism, revealing the many paradoxes of life. 
         Chappell notes from the very beginning that story’s theme is “reflecting on one’s dreams and memories.” She holds true to her theme throughout the text. Time and again her characters are invaded by memories brought on unexpectedly by a sight or a sound. Memories can be both fiends and friends, welcoming and alarming. Not rushing the ending, Chappell ends her story with finesse. Delicately tidying up mysteries, and wrapping up loose ends, the story concludes with an unforgettable line, leaving the reader with a “Proper Goodbye.”

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         On January 9, 2016, this NetGalley review was released by Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review and posted on Goodreads. The novel received five stars.

          This is a sequel to Wild Raspberries, though it is a standalone as well. If you read Wild Raspberries, you may remember the grief counselor, Beebe Walker. This book, Proper Goodbye, is her story. It was just released a month ago (December 2016). 
          This is a wonderful book. It's full of the emotional messes that we all love to read in women's lit and the untangling of the stories to get to the truth that lies at the heart of the matter. And what lies at the heart of this mess is worth 300 pages! This is very well written. I really think Ms. Chappell has a knack for this genre. She knows how to convey all those twists and turns life takes when we're not watching. She brings out the best and worst in her characters just when they want to be wallflowers. She puts the right words in their mouths when they are really needed. Then sometimes they're the wrong words. She makes her characters real. They get caught listening at doors and are embarrassed. People are talking behind their backs, and there's a good reason for it. 
          This is such a great book, I think it needs to end up on my favorites list. I will definitely read it again. I highly recommend this to you and to anyone who likes a good puzzle of emotions and family messes. Keep this book in mind when they start looking for the best books written in 2016. Proper Goodbye needs to be on all the lists of bests.

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