doesn’t know he’s tending to his wife’s grave. Beebe must find a way to tell her father that the homeless woman was misidentified. In reality, she was the wife and mother who abandoned them decades before.
      Oddly enough, the first person Beebe meets upon her return is a young man who’s new in town. Yates Strand is also chasing the secret behind the homeless woman. He has another story to tell.

     The library described in Proper Goodbye is patterned after Warder Public Library, a landmark in my

Warder Library

Proper Goodbye needs to be on all the lists of bests.  
                               ~~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review (5 stars)

hometown, Springfield, Ohio. The structure is an example of the Richardsonian-Romanesque style of architecture. Warder Public Library was completed in 1890 and presented to the city of Springfield as a gift from wealthy industrialist and philanthropist, Benjamin H. Warder.

​      Warder dedicated the building to the memory of his parents. A memorial plaque on the building reads:
      This library has been erected in memory of Jeremiah and Ann A. Warder by their son Benjamin Head Warder. It is given to the people of Springfield for their free enjoyment and is left in their charge forever. Dedicated June 12th, 1890.
      Warder Public Library served as the Clark County library system’s main branch from 1890 until 1989, when the new library opened.
      Since one of the themes running through Proper Goodbye touches on childhood memories, my earliest memories take me back to visiting this building and recognizing its wonders, both inside and out. I remember walking to the downtown library on endless occasions with my mother. She dared to let me walk atop the short wall out front, my arms extended for balance. I have to admit the wall seemed much higher when I was five and six than it looks in the postcard displayed.
      Today, Springfield elders still hold possession of this fabulous building and are entrusted to preserve it as a location dedicated to reading. Springfield’s citizens have free use of it, just as Benjamin Warder intended.

      Beebe Walker’s life changes when she learns about a secret buried in her father’s cemetery. The secret revolves around the burial of a homeless woman and, eventually, draws her home to Larkspur, Michigan, to renew a relationship with her father Cliff.
      Months earlier, Cliff stood back from that sparsely attended funeral, unaware the woman’s passing made him a widower. Cliff, devoted caretaker of the cemetery, 

Proper Goodbye 

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