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     Proper Goodbye by Connie Chappell is a story about a woman searching for answers. The genre is technically women's fiction, but I felt that the emotions, the plot-driven story, and the characters really could relate to many different people. Proper Goodbye is one of those books that could be placed in many different genres and defies categorization. It's a deeply emotional family drama that has aspects of mystery, self-discovery, and understanding. 
     Personally, I felt connected to both the protagonist, Beebe, and even the author because the book was set in my home state of Michigan, and I felt like Connie really got the setting and the scenes, and just the general Michigan feeling right. This was an enjoyable read from cover to cover and I can't wait to read more from Connie Chappell. (5 stars)

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     In life, there are times when people must make big decisions--decisions that will change their whole lives. In Proper Goodbye by Connie Chappell, there are life changing decisions about careers, health, and relationships. Along the way, there is the subtle reminder that what we choose to do or not do or how we choose to do it will have consequences.

     The characters become almost real and you begin to care deeply about their situations. I am grateful to the author. She leads the way for readers to look at social problems that are not addressed as loudly as in past years. I will look over her other titles in the future. (5 stars)
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     A devastating loss, especially when it comes with so many unanswered questions, tears at the fabric of a family in Proper Goodbye by Connie Chappell. When Abigail Walker escaped Larkspur, Michigan, when her daughter Beebe was only 16 years old, it began a chain of events that would play out to a very strange ending 30 years later. 
     Beautifully written and poignant, Proper Goodbye touches on the gamut of human frailty, fear, emotion and compassion experienced by those facing loss and disappointment. Connie Chappell writes gently but with keen insight and laser-like directness regarding the variety of ways in which people confront and ignore the issues that make up the fabric of their lives. Fabric is also a concrete element that ties these pieces together as friends of the grieving create quilts that represent the lives of those who have passed on. Wonderful story. (5 stars)

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     This is an interesting novel, a fast read, and one that provokes mind games. Is Beebe's withdrawal from the church family a loss of faith, just a hiatus, or a necessary time out while she learns to handle the problems associated with her mother's long disappearance? Will she, like her father, wind herself around her pain and seal out the world? All of the characters in this novel are fully rounded, charismatic, and easily understood. It is a book I can easily recommend to friends and family.

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     This is a wonderful book that is well written and provides a great story with a secret to be solved in a typical small town in the Midwest. What a great idea to expand on the life of Beebe Walker, a minister and grief counselor who was introduced in Chappell's first novel, Wild Raspberries. Instead of helping others, Beebe must now help herself and her father deal with loss, anger, heartbreak, and mend their difficult relationship. I come from a small town, and I found the characters (including the wonderful dog, Barleycorn) in the story believable and, with the exception of a few, very lovable. Highly recommended. (5 stars)

Proper Goodbye

“Every heart is asked at some point to leave something or someone behind while it yearns and aches for a different outcome.”    ~~from Chapter Two