"Chappell does a wondrous job allowing her words to speak for her characters, immersing the reader in scenes where dialogue would have typically done the trick."    ~~Maxy Awards

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          In Wild Raspberries, Callie MacCallum sews a pair of quilts that touches two of the novel’s other characters, Arnett Oldstone Sebring and her daughter-in-law, Lizbeth Sebring. Death and grief split the family.
          The result is a finely told story of tangled emotions and shredded confidences, balanced with newly cultivated friendships, and all bound by just the right amount of humor.

         The Wild Raspberries vine not only grows around the lives of four women shielding untold secrets, but it reaches out to understand the power grief holds over a person when a loved one dies and how the special memories associated with that lost love can be sewed into a quilt constructed of that person’s favorite clothes. The quilt heals. It lessens the sorrow. It cushions, warms, and protects.

          One of the quilts described in Wild Raspberries actually exists in the author’s life. She was the seamstress. The quilt was sewn from clothing belonging to a unique man who was particularly fond of pockets. Samples of the quilt are displayed on this page.

Wild Raspberries